Peddler's Post
Citrus County, Florida

Who can place a FREE private party ad? Anyone who does not have a business selling the merchandise they wish to advertise.

What kinds of things can I put in Peddler's Post for free? Almost anything!  Real Estate, Automobiles, Yard Sales, Furniture - you name it.

How many items can I place for free? At this time, and as long as space is available, there are no limits.

How do you make money like this?

Our business advertisers are the back-bone of Peddler's Post and make it possible for you to have this opportunity.  That's why we ask that you remember them when you are in need of goods and services.

How do I place my ad?

There are four ways you can place your FREE ad:

   (a)  Mail them to Peddler's Post, P. O. Box 667, Hernando, FL 34442.  Please make sure you send them in time to reach us before the   current month's deadline.

   (b)  Fax your ad to (352) 344-2703,

   (c) E-mail them to

   (d) Fill out the Ad Submission Form found under the CLASSIFIED tab of this website.


I'm a business. Do you accept credit cards? Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.